Hey there! Glad you decided to click that link that brought you here :)

Design Good is a research foundation focused on creating a better future, through technology. It will rest at the intersection of user research, social impact and public policy. Think of it as a grassroots complement to the work Tristan Harris (also a former Googler) and company are doing with their lobbying work at The Center for Humane Computing.

On top of getting you exclusive discounts on the books being written, the Design Good newsletter will provide you with: 
  • Statistics on user behavior so you have the language to sell and implement ethical design practices 
  • Articles and how-tos focused on teaching you how to implement best practices
  • Downloadable design assets you can use to speed up your process.
  • Dates about events I'll be speaking out so we can meet up in person
Once the designgood.tech site gets finished, this will all be hosted there as well.

If you have questions, want info now, or want to book me for one of your events, you can ping me at yo@realjoet.me or find me just about anywhere across the web as @realjoet.
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