Okay, so the book's not out yet. Buuut it will be soon. I'm hoping to have it published and in your hands by either December or January 2018.

By signing up for this waitlist you'll not only be sure to
  1. Be the first to know about it's availability and get early adopters discount prices.
  2. Get insider tips from me starting in September as I begin release content that has helped me along the way so that you can get a head start on everything inside.
  3. Learn about the inside of the conversational design space from some of the best in the industry.

Also know that this email list is solely dedicated to making sure you're first to know when Designing Intelligence is released. I hate marketing myself as . it is and definitely would never sell your information to anyone, regardless of their offer ⚡️

If you have questions, want more info, or want to book me for one of your events, you can ping me at yo@realjoet.me or find me just about anywhere across the web as @realjoet.

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